Here at Boatshed Bait and Tackle we stock everything for all you fishing and water sports needs. Are you looking for stand up paddle board sales Gold Coast? – we are ready to help you.

We have a huge range of tackle, but if we don’t have what you are looking for, we are happy to order it in for you.

We have a new fully stocked frozen bait fridge, as well as a new fresh bait fridge fully stocked with fresh squid, bonito fillet, whole and fillets of mullet, prawn and fillets of salted salmon (changes dependent on season).

We have fishing reels ranging from as little as $50 for a kids combo to the more expensive individual reels and rods for the die hard fisherman out there. We also sell sunglasses,hats and sunscreen for those caught short, along with fishing wear and boating and surf safety gear.

If you are just visiting the Gold Coast on holidays you may wish to hire a fishing line for a day or purchase some of our fun range of fishing gear starting at $25 (up to about $59) that is cheap enough to through away at the end of your holiday.  We also stock 2 and 3 piece rods so you can fit them in your luggage when travelling. For the backpackers, we stock telescopic rods that condense into something the size of a30cm ruler.

Boatshed Bait & Tackle also stocks a huge range of kayaks.  We predominantly sell the Feelfree and Winner brands, but sell second hand and used kayaks. There are a great range from sea kayaks, fishing kayaks and kayaks for the weekend paddler. We have everything you could want and more.

We recently added a SUP wall stocking BIC boards and paddles, maximum short and long boards. We also have accessories including deck grip and leg ropes.

If we don’t stock what you are looking for, please contact us anyway, as we can probably find it for you. 

stand up paddle board sales Gold Coaststand up paddle board sales Gold Coast